Lady Kathryn Melissande Valérie de Volanges St-Alix Messidor

From Circle Of The Crone

Player - Inne Beckers

Name - Lady Kathryn Melissande Valérie de Volanges St-Alix Messidor


Clan: Mekhet (status 2, relatively well known)

Age: Crone elder, 206, turn of the century child

Location: The domain of Antwerp

Specialties: Torture, Occult, Potions, Herbology, European Witchcraft, Science, Chemistry

Brief history:

An anthem for the queenliest dead that ever died so young- A dirge for her the doubly dead in that she died so young

Though she despises being addressed as Elder, Kathryn is one of the oldest members of the Belgian Circle of the Crone. Born as part of } France�s aristocracy, she is used to getting what she wants when she wants it. Her skills with potions, science and chemistry have earned her the title of Mistress of Death. She is the second part of the Ravens of the Low Lands. Together with Ophelia, the High Commander, she protects and serves the covenant. Whilst she is hardly to be characterized as a physical being, she has her own way of dealing with infidels. Due to her personal history and the fact that, as a Raven, she is outside of the Circle�s hierarchy, she answers to no one. It is a difficult task to earn this woman�s respect and very few have succeeded in doing so. With the possible exceptions of Dokisha, Ophelia and James she treats almost everyone with the same disdain.

She is known for being cold, remorseless and at times vengeful. Whilst she is generally drawn to male members of the clan of the wolf, she has recently taken the neonate Field under her wing. He has become her faithful companion and has suffered a fair amount of personal damage to earn her respect and although she is no longer capable of showing true emotions she has become accustomed to having him around.

Others about Lady Kathryn:

Marcus Erana:, Gangrel of the Carthian Movement (to Kathryn): �You know... Sometimes you�re a real bitch�

James Field: �Sometimes she�s a pain in the ass..... Literally�

Vasco, Unaligned Nosferatu: �She�s evil.... I like that!�

Alexandria Karuna, Circle of the Crone of sovereign Limburg:�What is there to say? She can talk all she wants, I won't hear her.�

Jared, late Unaligned Mekhet: �(to himself) She�s insane.... Hey, Kat... Can I live with you?�

Marcel Vanerum of The Lancea Sanctum Limburg: "Wieda? En waarom heeft ze meer namen dan een Invictus rashond?" (Translation: "Who? And why has she more names than an Invictus pedigree dog?"

Imanuel some Leuven unaligned: "She's sadistic and mad, but not nearly half as mad as me."

Hendrik Buckinkx Nosferatu Carthian: "The way she dedicates herself to some causes and some people almost draws out my admiration. Too bad she's dedicated to the wrong causes and uses the wrong methods. Her bile only serves to drown those causes and people she seeks to protect."

Joshua St-Martin, skin rider It is ever so good to see that there is still civilised company in the world and I do ever so approve of her wickedness and sadism. Too bad she has such dreadful taste in men, I'm sure she can do much better than that Field-fellow.

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